Sarah Stumbles is a recent graduate from the University of Wollongong, where she studied a Bachelor of Communications and Media, with a major in marketing communications and advertising, as well as a minor in graphic design.

Posts of Interest

My Cinema-Going Experience

Aug 10, 2019

I’ve always loved going to the movies. Some of my best memories growing up is going with my older sisters, sneaking as many snacks into the cinemas as we could, and enjoying the fact that being the youngest by 9 years meant that they would usually pay for it all for me. I also thought that they were the two coolest people in the world, so getting to hang out with them was almost more fun than the movie itself.

My Public Sphere

Apr 2, 2018

Over the Easter long weekend, I went to the central coast for a holiday with some of my friends. We rented a holiday house which was a two-minute drive from the beach, and had way more room than the six of us would need over the four days. It all seemed perfect, until about five minutes in I realised something terrible: ‘No Signal’.

How many screens is too many?

Sep 1, 2019

This week I was introduced to a new term: multi-screening. A word that seems to perfectly sum up my media habits – something I didn’t even realise I was doing until I heard it. As you would imagine, “multi-screening refers to the use of multiple digital devices at once, for example, mobile phones and the television”.

I’ve come to the realisation that purely just watching a TV show just isn’t interesting enough for me anymore. Rather than sitting and watching, I have to be on my phone.


Sep 24, 2018

My Instagram account, authentic__japan, has been up and running for a few weeks now. In that time, I have tried to implement multiple strategies in order to try to convince people that my account is worth following. This included things like giving myself shoutouts on my personal Instagram account, mass following people that were already following Japan travel accounts, and liking photos posted under Japan-themed hashtags. I have also been posting daily under popular hashtags, which is giving me exposure to the niche that I’m trying to attract.